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This is a creative digital studio for Scott Hoover dot com.

The Scott Hoover dot com site was most recently re-created to learn WordPress (Twenty fourteen theme). It is based on the News, Weather, Sports, Search/Entertainment model. The Sports Studio in particular has interesting coverage and revealing interviews.

If you are coming to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, be sure to check the weather and road conditions in the weather studio.  What’s next for the site?

Got a Chatbot?

If you haven’t cut the cord yet (dumped your cable and home phone), think about it. There are tons of online options for entertainment and voice.

We cut the entertainment cord in 2014. Google Music, YouTube Red, Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Pluto TV, combined with a Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast is all you need. Easily listen to millions of songs and watch what you want when you want – with limited or no commercials.

Communication is moving to the internet on mobile. Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Android Messenger, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype – you get the picture – and the video.

Update 2016-09-21 – Just cut the cord on the home and business phones as well. Voice over ip (voip) and cell/wifi calling is all you need. After a lifetime of landlines Scott Hoover’s are no longer in service.

Now there is one number. It’s an internet number. It handles both voice and SMS. It rings on both mobile/cell and traditional home/business phone systems – at the same time. It filters out voice spam. It identifies callers from contact lists and it handles calls accordingly. It takes messages then transcribes them to text and emails them immediately.

Internet communication is virtual and instantaneous. Scott Hoover communications is now based in the cloud…


We’ll probably need a chatbot next.

Think Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri working with your channels. Your personal digital assistant will be communicating with you, your apps and the people in your life.

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